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Succulent Plant Pot - Pink Stripes

Succulent Plant Pot - Pink Stripes

Handmade ceramic succulent plant pot in a pink stripe design.


This small pot is specifically designed for housing succulent plants with shallow roots.

It has 4 small drainage holes at the bottom instead of one big hole so that fine succulent potting mix doesn't wash away through the holes.


Only the outside of the pot is glazed  leaving the inside ceramic breathable so that moisture can evaporate through the pot and prevent your plant roots getting too wet.


Each pot is individually crafted and painted, ensuring that no two pots are exactly alike, making each one a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to your plant collection. 


Made with buff stoneware.

Internal Diameter: 11cm

Total Width: 11.5cm

Height: 5cm


Gentle handwashing in warm soapy water.




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