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Clay, Plants, Patterns and Me

Kia Ora,

I’m Sabrina, the creative soul behind my colourful little plant pots. Let me give you a quick peek into my process:

Each pot begins its life as wild clay from my very own land - keeping things local and sustainable with zero shipping or mileage involved. Based in Upper Hutt, NZ, every pot I produce is handmade by me - no mass production in sight, just time, love, and a lot of audiobooks :)

Being a qualified gardener with a knack for houseplants and succulents, I ensure that every pot complements its green companion perfectly. Considering root depth and drainage needs in each design.

The pots then become a canvas for my modern geometric patterns, inspired by my background in surface pattern design and design history. Every crisp shape, curve, and bold colour has been handpainted in my little studio.

When the pot is finished it will have had, on average, about 5 hours of my love put into it. All of my combined skills, experiences, and passions have made this pot and I’m proud of every piece I make.

If you're ready to add some colourful handmade charm to your plant collection, head over to my shop and find the perfect home for your green friends.

My shop will be updated regularly when the kiln has done it's magic. Check out my latest stock here.

Photo of Sabrina Ayling brushing hair from her face.

Questions or Comments Welcome :)

Thank you.

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