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Clay and Me

Kia Ora,

I’m Sabrina, the creative soul behind my colourful little mugs and plant pots. Let me give you a quick peek into my clay journey:

The moment I realised that my future involved clay was when I held the first ball of clay in my first hand-building class. It was cool and earthy and made me take in a deep breath and smile. It just felt right. Like I was supposed to have clay in my hands. This wonderful cool ball started the journey of mental healing and self discovery that led me to my current proud status as a Ceramic Artist, Pottery Teacher and Business Owner. 

There has always been an artist inside me looking for any opportunity to create, learn new skills and experiment. I have delved into many topics that have interested me like architecture, interior design and landscape design. The latter leading me into the start of a career as a gardener. Until motherhood called. 

Fast forward a few sleepless years and I stumbled upon surface pattern design and how to create repeat patterns. During the deep dive into this subject I re-learned colour theory, trending design styles and my own tastes in design which left me hungry to create real life beautiful things. 

Hello clay.

With a few years of near constant clay play under my belt, a kiln, a workshop, several successful markets and running a regular Thursday night pottery club. I can safely say I have found my 'thing'. One of my students described me as 'soaring', which filled me with joy because that is exactly how I feel when working with clay, or seeing a student create something that I've taught. 

Clay has a wonderful power to bring out creativity in people but also offer a mindful diversion from everyday routines. Being able to make something by hand that will last forever has been a priceless and thoroughly positive experience for me and one I fully intend to continue.

Ngā mihi nui


Sabrina Ayling
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