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Want something a bit more special for your products?

Work with me to create a unique pattern tailored to your brand and products.

Here's how it works:

This bit is free

We bounce ideas

  • Tell me about your project

  • We discuss project scope and timeline

  • Brainstorm session

The legal bit

We shake on it (Digitally)

  • Proposal and Contract signing

  • 50% deposit

my favourite bit

I get arty

  • Mood board of design direction

  • Initial concept sketches

  • Design developed

  • Realistic mock ups

The Exciting Bit

You give the thumbs up

  • Feedback

  • Up to 3 revisions (more at hourly rate)

  • Final approval

  • Allow 3-4 weeks for up to 4 patterns


You get your very own custom pattern to go make cool stuff with

  • File delivery

  • High five!

The money bit

Design fees per pattern​:

Simple  $400 NZD

1-2 motifs, 2-3 colours

Detailed  $900 NZD

3-5 motifs, up to 6 colours

Complex  $1200 NZD

6+ motifs, large colour palette

Mini 6 Pattern Collection $4000 NZD

Based on 1 Complex, 2 Detailed and 3 Simple

Full 12 pattern collection

$by negotiation

Plus commercial license fees per pattern:

Non-Exclusive Standard  $100 NZD

2500 products, Worldwide

Non-Exclusive Extended  $200 NZD

Unlimited Products, Worldwide

Exclusive 2 years $400 NZD

Unlimited products, Worldwide

Exclusive 5 years $800 NZD

Unlimited products, Worldwide

Full buy-out

$by negotiation

Thanks for submitting!

Let's get creating

Tell me about you, your project, your goal and inspiration, or just ask me a question.

I love getting email :)

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